In our company, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a trained production team operating in the paper packaging sector, to produce products in accordance with national and international standards and laws, knowing the precision and importance of producing hygienic and high-quality packaging products.


    • Prevent and manage product safety hazards that may be encountered in the processes from the preparation of our products to the use phase, effectively monitor the dangers that impair the authenticity of the packaging, ensure product integrity and continuity by evaluating counterfeiting and adulteration and taking necessary precautions.

    • Ensure continuity in improvement and development activities and sustainability issues in all units of our organization, based on the principle that “Quality and Product Safety is Everyone’s Job”, minimize the risks that adversely affect product safety and disrupt product integrity.

    • To train personnel who solve problems and embrace their work at all levels of our organization with a principled, contemporary management approach.

    • To give duties, authorities and responsibilities to our personnel by organizing continuous training programs in order to improve the awareness of quality and product safety

    • To keep the satisfaction of our employees at the highest level with the principle that the continuity of quality can only be ensured by employees who love their company and enjoy their work.

    • Continuously improve our quality and product safety system according to national and international standards, necessities of the time, technological developments, demands and expectations of customers.