Artpack Packaging, ‘Sustainable development can only be possible with a sustainable environment.’ in the light of its principle, it aims to minimize its effects by determining the environmental dimensions of its activities and functioning and to ensure sustainable and innovative development in all areas related to the environment.

As Artpack Packaging;


    • In carrying out our activities, we act in accordance with all environmental laws and obligations and develop practices beyond them.

    • We aim to minimize these effects by being aware of our impacts on climate change and energy, natural resource use, wastes, water emissions (wastewater) and air emissions.

    • We adopt an environmental management approach based on continuous development.

    • We support the performance of the environmental management system with technological developments.

    • We use natural resources and energy efficiently, especially water resources.

    • We prevent, re-evaluate and recycle our waste generated as a result of our activities at its source, and if it is not possible, we dispose of it in accordance with the legislation.

    • We discharge our wastewater in accordance with legal requirements.

    • We act by considering our environmental impact in our decisions.

    • We consider the training of our employees and raising awareness of our stakeholders essential.

    • We regularly review our environmental policy, observe and audit our performance by following up on aim and objectives.

    • We share our environmental performance with our stakeholders through annual reports.

    • We receive the support and contributions of our suppliers from customers to all stakeholders.

    • We meet at least once a year with the sustainability committee, environmental management units and our stakeholders and review environmental policy and practices.