Artpack Paper Packaging Inc. has created its policy as follows, taking into account the reference world standards conditions it follows and applies.


 “Our company has established management activities in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements in line with customer demands and expectations, and has adopted production with the determination of continuous improvement. For this purpose;


    • To make “ARTPACK” brand identical with the concepts of “Quality”, “Technology”, “Hygiene” and “Sustainability”,

    • To minimize risks by protecting the interests of our stakeholders in accordance with our strategic direction with process-based approaches;

    • To ensure the continuous training of our employees and all relevant parties and their participation in the system,

    • Avoid the use of illegal wood and forest products

    • Ensuring that the responsibilities of the Protection and Surveillance chain applied for well-managed forest products are adopted by all employees,

    • To adopt customer satisfaction as a principle,

    • To minimize the occupational discomfort and accidents caused by work by ensuring the health and safety conditions of our employees;

    • To improve our production activities and activities to prevent the environmental impact of our products;

    • Keeping the safety of our products at the highest level based on hygiene standards in production conditions;

    • It is our primary duty to ensure continuous improvement in quality, legality, reliability and sustainability.

    • “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction” is the main key to this goal in all of our activities within our scope of activity. “