Our company, which operates in the Packaging Industry, continues to have a voice in the sector with its happy employee profile by realizing all its processes with its experienced experts. In this direction, Artpack uses its human resources efficiently in order to become an organization that meets the expectations of its stakeholders and employees, constantly improves its quality understanding in line with world-wide accepted system standards, is strengthened by the participation and suggestions of its employees, and is based on the concept of satisfaction.

With the aim of carrying out our work efficiently within the scope of its activity, Artpack aims to recruit, assign the right person, in the right number, at the right time, in accordance with legal and ethical values, and to meet the training needs in human resources processes. In this direction, our basic approach is to make effective resource planning, to determine duties, authorities and responsibilities, and to carry out Performance Management Studies in a measurable way in line with these responsibilities.

In line with this approach, encouraging improvement in all internal processes, ensuring fundamental legal rights of our employees in line with regulations and ethical values, by improving the working environment meet with employee expectations, prioritizing health and safety issues, ensuring social rights,  prioritizing the suggestions, ideas and all kinds of feedback of our employees, execution of reward systems that will encourage success and creativity, increasing employee satisfaction with a happy employee-quality business understanding, ensuring the health and safety conditions of our employees who work hard to meet customer expectations, inspiring our employees to connect to our organization, their families and society, employing our employees under the principle of equality, without discrimination based on religion, race or gender are our indispensable principles.